Thursday, 5 May 2011

Special Delivery

The clang of the letterbox that indicates post always causes a  flurry of activity in our house. Everyone rushes to be the first to the door and lay their hands on the coveted envelopes on the floor. Last week this same scene played out. AC almost fell down the stairs in his attempt to beat the A-Bomb to the front door. AC claimed anything 'fun' looking (i.e handwritten  letters, dental magazines, etc) and deposited the rest in my lap; a couple of bills, some junk mail, and an official looking letter with no outward clues to it's contents. Intriguing.

Maybe we've won something?
Or could it be another letter asking if we want our kids to take part in medical research?

In my eagerness I rip it open. It's from Thames Valley Police!
Maybe they want to inform about some new neighbourhood watch scheme?
Possibly bring my attention to the arson attempts in the local area?

Hold on a second - Notice of Intended Prosecution - A speeding Ticket!

My initial reaction was fear. Fear of AC's reaction when he finds out. I didn't tell him straight away. First I prepared the way.
'I need to talk to you about something' said I in serious tones.
'About what?'  he asks
'I've got some bad news' I reply with a face of anguish and swiftly make my way outside to busy myself with hanging up laundry on the line.

I leave him and allow his imagination some time to conjour up it's worst. When I eventually break the bad news I expect AC to be relieved that I hadn't poisoned the kids or something equally as bad. But AC looks angry.
'What does this mean?' he enquires
'Just 3 points on my licence and a £60 fine' I inform him
The shame I feel  for the offence is magnified by his disapproving looks.
Tutting aloud and shaking his head he makes me explain to 4 year old Missy:

Why Mummy had a letter from the police.
Why Mummy must pay money to the police.
The dangers of driving to quick.
Why law enforcement is important to the wellbeing of society.

AC's flippancy almost makes me flip out. But that might mean another lecture to Missy about Why Mummy should have more self control.

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  1. I love how you write, every post is a joy to read. Even when it's about getting a speeding ticket! Hope the big move is going well.