Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Ugly Duckling

In the early hours on the 24th of July 2009 the stars aligned and things were set in motion that signified our 3rd child was readying herself to make her way into the world. We knew it was a girl. I wanted a girl. The A-Bomb was all the boy we could handle. Our only concern with having a girl was if she looked like the A-Bomb... he wouldn't make a very pretty girl.

Around lunch time Shemily graced us with her presence. She was beautiful.

However, over the next few weeks, as the hormones began to subside, the similarities between her and her brother became that much more perceptible to me. By the time she was a couple of weeks old she had fully transformed into the female version of our son! We consoled ourself with the belief that she would grow out of her changing looks and lean more towards her sister in the facial department.*

* Shemily, if you should read this in those awful years of adolescence, know this: we are exaggerating.  You are beautiful no matter what we say, words can't bring you down. So don't you bring yourself down.... today.

Shemily's weight gain was a cause of  concern
to the health professionals.
Although not conventionally beautiful, she was still able to
woo many  a passer-by based on personality and cheerful smile alone.

It was around 12 months old that things began to change for the better.
The doctors were right: by exercising her new found ability to walk the fat dissipated.
Once the cheeks subsided we were able to see her real face.
The black mohican she once sported in confidence was swept away as her locks turned to gold.
The fountain of nasal exudate which seemed to be her life companion ceased to flow.
By 18 months the transformation was complete.

Shemily Age 2:
A delight in every conceivable way, the way she has always been.


  1. I thought she always look beautiful! I remember thinking a couple of times when I was pregnant, that I wanted a cute baby like yours!