Saturday, 10 March 2012

Morning Angst

Whether we're up late because our 'alarm clocks' slept in, or are awake early because one of them chose an unusually early hour to arise, there is more often than not a degree of stress involved in our morning routine.

Whether we're rushing around trying to make up for lost time, or have time to spare and have to convince Shemily to keep her clothes on for an extended period of time, we're for the most part able to keep the kids in high spirits.

Whether we have to decide between the moral musings of Twilight Sparkle in 'My Little Pony' or the more intense antics of Steve Irwin in 'The Crocodile Hunter', we're pretty good at avoiding any contentious squabbles.

Whether they have to eat weetabix or on special occassions coco pops, we're able to convince them of the goodness in both.

However, when it comes to the receptacle from which they are to eat their breakfast, there can be only one...

The White Bowl

To our kids, eating their breakfast from the sterile porcelain of 'the white bowl' is like supping from dynasty china.  Its like being 'star of the week' or attending a members-only club.  It is exclusive and much of its value is derived out of the want from other people.  It means you have made it and you are at the top of the food chain, or in our case the 'breakfast chain'.  It is, the One Bowl to Rule them All.

We have tried buying bowls carefully marketed for our childrens lightyear, sleeping beauty, dinosaurs.  I may as well have presented them a 'Gordon Brown' bowl for all the excitement it produced.