Saturday, 28 April 2012


Last month I recieved what has to be the best birthday present AC has ever splurged out on. It exceeded every expectation his previous gifts had roused within me; carnations, a plastic giraffe, bollywood style earrings, turkish delight.
I thought last years surprise was just a blip in his track record.
I was wrong.
This year I unwrapped this beauty...


It wasn't completely unprompted though. My recent introduction to pinterest opened my eyes to a world of craft beyond scrap-booking, cross stitch, and vinyl letters. My eyes were able to behold the glories that could be created with a sewing machine; bags, skirts and dresses! This prompted the occasional semi-serious request to AC for a sewing machine of my very own, which he very swiftly dismissed. Little did I know he was secretly storing my request away for my upcoming birthday.

The Saturday following my birthday AC made sure I had some time to try out my Singer 2250. I don't recall having ever used a sewing machine before. After 2.5 hours I had yet to successfully thread the machine up. AC came to the rescue with the aid of his Yr 8 home economics skills. I know I should have been grateful, but his excessive gloating (which continues even now) turned any appreciation I had into annoyance.

Since those initial teething problems it's been full speed ahead. I've left AC and his rudimentary abilities for dust (though he still continues to offer his assistance!). Admittedly my skills aren't quite up to speed with my enthusiasm... yet!

A recent late night sewing binge produced my greatest creation to date...

The Junebug dress, as widely pinned on pinterest.

The ever-willing model

She'd wear it all day every day, if I let her.

Being able to produce something that is both functional and beautiful leaves me feeling ever-so accomplished and oh-so grown up.

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  1. oooh I like that blog and your dress looks fab!