Monday, 6 June 2011

Moving: Chapter 1

How to Choose your Removal Company

If you can get something for less why pay more? Unless we're talking about baked beans in which case it's always advisable to buy Heinz. But if it's a staple or tea cakes you're after then Value it is. We applied this rule of economy in the choosing of a removal company for our recent move. We wanted a 'no frills' service and readily accepted the company who provided us with the lowest quote.

A guy came to our house to make a quick assessment to make sure everything would fit into the 2 vans we'd been quoted for. He seems a nice chap, friendly and all. I show him around.

“I can do this in one van” he reckons.
“Really?” I exclaim in unbelief.
“You've not got that much stuff” he adds.
“Really?” I repeat.

Granted the house, due to pre-moving preparations, is the tidiest it's been in our 3 years there. Everything is in it's place, we've already packed a few boxes up, and I've been throwing things out on the sly  for the past month or so. But we still have a lot of stuff; mostly toys and bonsai trees admittedly.
The guy obviously notices my scepticism.

“We've got a BIG van” he emphasises.
“Really?” I question
“Yeah - it's a luton box”

He's obviously mistaken my scepticism for stupidity. I know how 'big' a Luton box van is and I still struggle to envisage all the contents of a 4 bedroom house fitting in. But he should know...

“Your The Expert” I concede.

We're given a slightly cheaper quote for the omission of a van.
The deal is sealed and the date is set. Now all that's left to do is wait. And pack.



  1. I await reading part 2. I'm guessing it didn't fit in the one van!!

  2. Can I just say, I love that picture of 'packing'!xx