Friday, 30 August 2013

Long Time, No Blog.

Both AC and I are from large families which was probably a contributing factor in our desire to have a large family ourselves. Offspring - I wanted at least six. Whilst AC never committed to a figure he seemed comfortable enough with statements such as 'Imagine having to buy a mini bus to fit all our children in'.

All these much thought and talked about plans (mostly by myself) lasted only until we became pregnant for the first time. Nothing could have prepared us for the horrendousness that lay ahead. The physical and emotional turmoil that persisted for those long 9 months made life almost unbearable.  Rendered completely useless by the parasite growing within, I would vow to never put myself through this again.

However! The only emotions that could ever overpower my distaste for pregnancy would be my fervent desire to have a family and be a Mother. And with the arrival of each of our 4 babies, what seemed to have been the greatest of sacrifices seemed then to become the greatest of privileges.

The H-Bomb, born 18 April 2013, weighing 7lb 2oz.

The H-Bomb aged 4 months.

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