Sunday, 14 December 2014


2014 saw the celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary. The day itself was overshadowed by the general hubbub of our busy life together.
The only way to escape the bustle of our daily lives and give the occasion its due glorification was to take an extended child-free weekend away, or so AC said.

A child-free weekend for us meant a child-full weekend for Team Gran & Poppy. Confident in their child-minding capabilities they readily accepted the challenge of 4 kids for 4 days, allowing us to make definitive plans in preparation for our 10 year celebratory tour of ROME! 

The nearer the occasion drew the more excited we grew. Like the A-Bomb counting down the days till his next birthday, we began the countdown to our highly anticipated time away.
"This time next month we'll be eating ice-cream for breakfast"
"This time next week we'll be sightseeing by chariot"
"This time tomorrow we'll be shaking hands with the Pope"

That time at the airport just before we boarded the plane with our neighbours.

Looking to the heavens to be saved from my husbands fastidious examination of
every ecclesiastical artifact in Rome.

That time Aaron had a run in with the local law enforcement.

That time we visited the Trevi Fountain and it was hidden by scaffolding.

Aaron checked it out on Rightmove. It wasn't To Let.

That time at the Colosseum when local criminals provided the entertainment. 

That time on the Spanish steps.

That time AC caused a scene with his exhibitionist tendencies.

As opulent and breathtaking as the city was, nothing is as attractive or as awe inspiring as the creations we made ourselves.  Dearly missing our 4 little darlings (and concerned for the toll we knew they would be taking on Team GP) we were just as excited for our departure home as we were for our arrival in Rome.

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