Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dinner Time

Ever had a Burger King?  Did you like it?
Ever had a Burger King HORN?  You would LOVE it!

One of the perks of having such a distinguished name is the novel meal time possible by a subtle word-play.
Okay, so the kids don't really know what Burger King is so it's really just for us (the parentals). AC's a big fan of Burger King-horn!

With Crowns on and forks to the ready you'd expect our little animals to eat the animals. But they don't. Vegans in the making they eat all but the burger. How utterly disappointing, not least to the animal who sacrificed its life to the burger.

Naturally, AC is happy to mop up any leftovers. 

The most special thing about Burger King-horn isn't the crowns or the carefully prepared food but Daddy's Special Strawberry Milkshakes.  Made with Nesquick Strawberry powder and ice cream - its the closest you can get to drinking plastic.  Best of all it has every e-number a child requires to stunt their growth.

What a hunk of meat.


  1. We also have the Nesquick Milkshakes made my Richard, it must be a northern boy recipe, and I agree, very close to plastic.

  2. This cracked me up - I always thought Kinghorn was a particularly good surname. Oh, and in the hope of decreeping myself - I'm a friend of your husband's sister (Ashley) and ran into your blog via facebook.