Sunday, 27 February 2011

There's always a solution

I wouldn't call myself lazy or anything but I certainly like to indulge in a bit of shut eye.
Nap? Yes please.
Early Night? You betcha.

It's always been with good reason though; shift work, heavy going studies, pregnancy, disturbed sleep (thanks to the A-Bomb), dodgy thyroid. But now I find myself all out of excuses.

It was a few weeks ago that AC, fed up of spending his evenings alone playing scrabble and listening to Enya, raised his concerns about my having the same bed time as the kids. I gave him the 'I look after three young children all day' speech but he responded with the 'There's always a solution' speech.

A couple of days later came my inspired solution. First chance I had I told AC of my master plan: I go for a jog in the early evening to revive myself... and you put the kids to bed while I'm out! AC thought it a great idea – GET IN.

So most evenings, adorned in my Edward t.shirt, I escape the chaos of bedtime and jog to the Headington roundabout and back (thats a whopping 1.6 miles). My favourite part is the wonderful architecture that marks my half way point, not to mention the 'wonderful' smells that waft from it.

Our Local

I arrive back home feeling rejuvenated and ready for an evening with AC, playing draughts and listening to Barry White. My master plan has indeed proved masterful and my bed time is now a more normal 10.00pm.


  1. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to switch my running time. Kristian shares the same plight as Aaron. It's a lot easier to run in the a.m. though. Don't know if I could muster up a post dinner run.

    So fun to read your blog, Jude! Miss you guys!

  2. Oh but I love that you keep an early bedtime. It makes me feel less guilty when I go to bed at 8pm without having done the dishes or something else around the house that needs done.

    Good job on the running! I try to go in the mornings before Miles heads out for work.