Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Moon

It was 8 years ago in the Metro Centre’s Woolworths that I first laid eyes on AC and thought what a fox he was. And what a testament to my observational skills that initial observation was.

Whilst AC and I were courting it became apparent that although not a fox, his origins were indeed canine. He displayed many wolf like qualities; a rugged frame, immense strength, unstoppable speed, acute hearing, ravenous appetite and oh so intelligent eyes.

So I wasn't as surprised as you might think (though still quite a bit nauseous) when he revealed this litttle suprise...

The Claw

With it's own blood supply his claw has a rate of growth which exceeds that of his regular toe nails. When it reaches a certain length he sheds it to reveal a new one underneath.

Despite this little quirk I still gave AC my hand in marriage. Then one bright summers day the dark clouds gathered overhead our happily ever after. I was aghast to find that Missy was developing a thickened nail on her left little toe.

In training - Missy practicing her wolf gnarl

More shocking still was the thought that this genetic mutation was being propagated through my offspring. The quirk that I had been ignoring in my husband had reared it's face in my child.

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  1. Ewwwww! And hahahahahahaha! Brilliant post! :-) x