Saturday, 26 March 2011

White Horse Hill

A scenic 30 minute drive from Oxford and we arrived at the famous White Horse Hill.

Overflowing with child-like excitement, AC insisted our first stop be Uffington Castle; an iron age hillfort that sits on top of White Horse Hill, which also marks the highest point in Oxfordshire. Once I had given the children the health and safety talk (due to some seriously steep slopes) I cautiously allowed them out of the car so our walk could begin.

It wasn't as treacherous as I thought it was going to be. Shemily remained confined to the Baby Carrier. Missy pranced up the hillside like the fairy she thinks she is, gracefully dodging the copious amounts of sheep poo as she flew. Although quite capable of such a challenge The A-Bomb was still in recovery from his poorly spell and insisted on a carry. He's heavier than he looks so instead of prancing up the hill I plodded. But it was well worth it - the views were glorious.

The end of an exhausting plod

Walking in the moat

Next stop should have been the White Horse but the kids lost interest once they found out there was a Dragon Hill. This was fine by me - there was sure to be a greater chance of survival if they fell off Dragon Hill than The White Horse.

Dragon Hill
Located on the lower slopes of White Horse Hill

Legend has it that this is the site where St. George killed the dragon. The blood that gushed from the dying dragon was so poisonous that it has prevented grass from growing on the spot ever since.

"But Mum, I really wanted to see a dead dragon"

Slightly disappointed that the dragon's corpse was nowhere to be found we turned back. Although unwilling to climb the hill The A-Bomb was more than happy to fling himself down it. We made it back to the car in double quick time.

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