Friday, 1 April 2011

The Bodge Job

The A-Bombs hair recently began to look like the style his dad use to sport as a boy of the same age. The mocking in more recent years of his mother for such an astrocity niggled away at the back of my mind and spurred me into action.

He's had his fair share of bodge jobs in the past but over the past couple of years I've honed my skills and have become a dab hand with the kitchen scissors and felt ready to progress to clippers. After all clippers are idiot proof.

Clippers have always been a 'No No' before. The screams that normally result from a haircut are deafening enough without introducing a device which makes a noise as harrowing as the drill at the dentists. However I was eager to give them a go, thinking of the slick styles I was capable of with the scissors, the prospect of what I could create with the Remington Groom Professional filled me with excitement.

Check out the tapering

How do you like your hair?

Obviously I'm not going to allow him out in public like this. I'll let AC finish it off tomorrow.

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