Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Long Drive

With our families living at opposite ends of the country, no matter where we live, it's always going to be a torturously long drive to visit them. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we said  'I do'. However, blinded by love, we never really considered the implications of what 3 youngsters confined to their car seats for 5 hours would do to our sanity.

This weekend past we embarked on the 5 hour drive North.
The little darlings behaved impeccably on the way up.
But the journey back down wasn't as successful.
I blame the weather; warm temperatures and clear skys.
Although only a mediocre 19 degrees outside, inside our dark green heat absorbing greenhouse of a car, it was stifling.

Twenty minutes into our journey I provided Shemily with her third drink and received an abhorrent look from AC.  He wasn't happy about the potential toilet breaks and nappy changes that could result.

The further south we drove the hotter it got. The hotter it got the more irritable the children became. The more irritable the children became the more irritable we (the parentals) became. By the time we reached the Midlands we all needed a break.

We parked by the only patch of grass suitable for a 'run around' at Leicester Forest Services.

Rolling with the Big Boys in the HGV car park

The barbed wire was a cause of concern

We struck Gold. On the other side of the embankment we found a field. A place where we could stretch our legs without the worry of the kids throwing themselves in front of a lorry. We frolicked around until the novelty of it all wore off. We all got back in the car feeling good again. 

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