Monday, 11 April 2011

Say Cheese

It was a quite a few months ago now that Missy lost one of her front teeth in a freak accident at home. Whilst launching a full blown assault on her uncle-to-be she fell mouth first into the piano stool. There were tears, but they weren't accompanied by the high pitched squeal that usually indicates any real harm... yet.

I made my initial examination; she had a fat upper lip and it was quite obvious that her tooth was no longer there.

Further inspection revealed the tooth wasn't missing, it was hiding! Finding the tooth in different location than what I was use to sent me into a mummy panic. I explained my findings to Missy. Big mistake. The cries turned to shrieks and my mummy panic escalated into a complete mummy meltdown.

I took her to see Daddy at work.

Daddy, "used gentle digital pressure to reposition the labially luxated deciduous incisor. The tooth mobility, fracture of the labial cortical bone and the sheer lack of periodontal infrastructure to allow initial healing made the chance of saving the tooth low. Patient compliance would not allow splinting and a 'hands off' approach was determined as the treatment outcome."

We went home to console ourselves with Ice cream. The metal spoon was more than the tooth could take. Thankfully it came out. A missing tooth is better than a deformed tooth.

Although sensitive about her changed appearance, Missy makes the most of it.
She's a strong believer in special privileges for people with missing teeth.

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