Thursday, 10 February 2011

University Parks

With nothing else planned for the morning except housework, we took a trip into the city centre to explore University Parks.

A view across the park with the chapel of
Keble College in the background.

It had all the necessaries to make it interesting for the kids.... pushchair friendly paths, hiding places galore,  pond with ducks, people walking their dogs, a bridge, squirrels, flowers, mud. All much more enjoyable than tidying the house.

North Walk

We tried to conceal Shemily in this tree but she was having none of it.

The highlight of the trip - The High Bridge.

Admiring the snowdrops. 


  1. Love the Blogg Jude - its brilliant - love the stories about Asda man

    The old dog shaun

  2. Awesome blog Jude! The Asda man story made me laugh! Just thought you'd like to know that 'The high bridge' is called Rainbow bridge' by us old locals.

    Becky Alan xxx

  3. Loved getting a little update on your darling family!